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I have to say this is incredibly refreshing. I love the art style and the way you tell your story. This gave me new hope for newgrounds, by far the best i've seen from here in a long long time. Hope to see more.

My character looks .. just like that. Except the eye that has the red line is pure white. Makes me kind of sad that I was so unoriginal lol. Well I really enjoyed it. Pretty long and I can see you kinda cut some corners a bit with the animation but I enjoyed it.

The animation wasn't that good, but the audio annoyed me.. so much. Maybe get a better quality microphone?

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I think this is a pretty good game for what it is.
I would think that adding another parameter would make it more interesting.
Overall though, pretty decent.

I played extraction: chapter 0 a play and enjoyed it while it lasted. I understand a new chapter is coming out.
After playing this I can't help but see a pattern in overly simple, well stylized escape games.
Hoping I get a bit more of a challenge with your other submissions.

LightWolfStudios responds:

This game was made before Extraction: Chapter 0, and both were designed and developed in the 72 hour rush that is the Ludum Dare game jam. Our future games will definitely be significantly better.

This has been said many times before.
Good art. Entertaining at first, and then it becomes unnecessarily difficult.
Repeating a level but having it be backwards seems a bit like it was filler.
Double the difficulty with little extra work.
I'd like to play this game when you've spent more than 24 hours on it though, Game Jams are a blessing and a curse.

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I was just playing the facebook game and thinking "games okay but i really need to find this bg music) and like two hours later whilst im just cruising through the audio portal i come across thisAWESOME moosik

i like it.

Most trance or techno are very repitive. but i didnt find myself bored at all in this song. very fluid. I saw more than blue when i heard this song by the way. more of a gangster rainbow. i like it alot. *high five*

Kioh responds:

:D Thanks, it was actually my first attempt at a real song.. ^^ I personally think it sucks.. O.o; I mean.. It needs more melodies.. But other than that.. I guess it's decent.. Anyways, thanks for the review. :D

makes me wanna commit genocide. (in a good way)

im not much of a techno fan, but i really liked this. Catchy beat and cool riffs, not very repetitive. I like it. *high five*

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I see what you mean by genocide LOL. Makes you want to dance like crazy and go out on a rampage of a massive killing spree because you are so fired up. :D I AM SO PROUD TO MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO DO THAT! ^__^

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Wallpaper worthy as always.

Getting better all the time, it's always a pleasure logging back in and seeing how you progress.

I've had an account here for maybe 7 years now, haven't been on in forever but decided to check out the ol' website today and as soon as I saw just a glimpse of this on the front page I knew it was Carrion. You have such a unique style and i've always admired it.

You were my favorite artist back when I was submitting shitty art and It's good to see that not only are you still holding it down but you've improved so much. Keep up it Carrion, you're my hero <3

Carrion responds:

Hey! I followed you art back then too!! You should post more stuff!!! PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH YOUR PIXELS!!!!

It works %100 of the time

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